Conservation and Beautification

The mission of the Princess Anne Garden Club is “to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening; to promote gardening among amateurs; to share horticultural knowledge by means of demonstrations, lectures, conferences, correspondence and publications; to restore, improve and protect the quality of the environment through educational programs and action; to protect our native trees, wildflowers and birds; to encourage conservation of natural resources; to promote civic planting; to encourage roadside beautification; and to aid in the restoration and preservation of historic gardens in Virginia.”

The mission strongly reflects our enduring commitment to Conservation and Beautification. Through our many years of stewardship of First Landing State Park, the Virginia Marine Science Museum and Aquarium, and many other civic projects including the Brock Environmental Center, the Princess Anne Garden Club has demonstrated this commitment through action.

We participate in two annual Garden Club of Virginia (GCV) events that are open to the public (see for more information and registration)

  • GCV Conservation Forum that is held in November and an educational opportunity on a topic currently relevant to conservation in Virginia
  • GCV Legislative Lobby Day that is held at the end of January and both an educational opportunity on topics and bills before the General Assembly on conservation issues and a chance to meet with our legislators to advocate for our positions

Current Projects

Norfolk Botanical Gardens Conservatory Project: The Garden of Tomorrow will feature a stunning new conservatory that will replace the Tropical Display House. The new conservatory will be 25,000 square feet of climate-controlled space to house a greater diversity of plants, especially tropical varieties. It will provide educational programming around ecosystems through different themed gardens.

Virginia Aquarium Project:

The Aquarium Marsh Pavilion will be developed into a new area to teach conservation of the marine environment with many galleries and exhibits. PAGC will sponsor the “Bubbles, not Balloons” exhibit. This exhibit will be approximately 1,400 square feet to teach children and adults about the devastating consequences of non-degradable trash in the ocean.

The Brock Environmental Center Greywater Rain Garden: Visitors to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Brock Center will be greeted by the beautiful Greywater Rain Garden, which supports the center’s zero runoff and waste goals, as well as contributing to the “beauty” criteria for Living Building Challenge certification.

First Landing State Park Bay Lab Project: With funds from the GCV Commonwealth Award, PAGC Party in the Park and Friends of First Landing, the Bay Side camper check-in and the Bay Lab are being transformed. The new Bay Lab will be Chesapeake Bay specific and will educate visitors about what is in the Bay, what they will see and how to interact with it.

First Landing State Park Native Plant Landscape Project: At the front of the Trail Center, the Native Plant Landscape continues to be a showpiece for Coastal Virginia natives. It entices visitors to grow these same pollinators and nectar plants in their own yards, helping to make a difference one yard at a time to improve Virginia’s environment.

PAGC Position Statement on Offshore Drilling, April 13, 2016


The Princess Anne Garden Club’s Resolution Opposing Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling and Seismic

                                     Testing for Oil and Gas in the Atlantic

The members of The Princess Anne Garden Club resolved on September 8, 2015 to oppose Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling in the Atlantic. The Princess Anne Garden Club has now resolved to oppose Seismic Testing for Oil and Gas in the Atlantic as well.

The Princess Anne Garden Club has worked for over 83 years to restore, improve and protect the quality of the environment through educational programs and action. We are known for our decades of work and funding in support of First Landing State Park, the Virginia Marine Science Museum and many other organizations across Virginia Beach.

The experience of Gulf States with oil and gas drilling operations and the Deepwater Horizon disaster lead us to voice our concerns about drilling in the Atlantic. The Virginia Beach Restaurant Association, the Virginia Beach Hotel Association, the Resort Advisory Commission, Lynnhaven River NOW and dozens of coastal communities along the East Coast have all stated opposition to proposed drilling in the Atlantic because of the risk for catastrophic oil spills and certainty of persistent release of toxic chemicals and routine oil spills of normal drilling operations. Construction of the infrastructure required to support drilling operations is also fraught with pollution both on-shore and in the water.

Tourism and our thriving fishing industry remain at the heart of our economy. The protection of our coastal waters and our land is critical to our environment and our quality of life. In Virginia Beach, supporting our clean environment and promoting our economy go hand in hand.

Gas and oil drilling risk jobs in tourism and supporting businesses, commercial fishing, the commercial shellfish industry, the health of wildlife, human health and quality of life. Seismic Testing for Oil and Gas pose risks of harm and death to ocean mammals and other sea life. These significant harms are not worth the risk. The lessons are clear in the Gulf States.

February 14, 2017 Resolution in Support of Virginia Beach Live Oak Grove Project

Re: The Project proposed by the Friends of Live Oaks to preserve the Virginia Beach Live Oak Grove as a natural area through rezoning it. The City of Virginia Beach defines a natural area: “A natural area is a municipal preservation area whose primary purpose is to preserve the indigenous vegetation and wildlife in order to serve as green infrastructure and as a scenic environment for Virginia Beach residents to enjoy. Natural areas include areas for protection and management of the natural/cultural environment with recreation use as a secondary objective. Recreational use might include passive recreation activities such as hiking, birding, and environmental education.”

The members of The Princess Anne Garden Club have resolved on this day to support the Virginia Beach Live Oak Grove Project.

This Project offers benefits to the citizens of Virginia Beach in the following ways:


  • It is land owned by the City of Virginia Beach, but not designated as open space.
  • It contains over 100 live oaks, the official City tree.
  • It is part of the urban tree canopy which is a key component in reducing the city’s stormwater runoff. The City has adopted a goal to expand the urban tree canopy from 38% to 45 % of the land in the next 20 years. That would include preserving what we already have whenever possible.
  • Its trees contribute to economic savings and environmental benefits.
  • The Live Oak Grove meets the purpose of a natural area as stated on the City’s web site.
  • It also offers future educational and recreational opportunities.

We encourage the City of Virginia Beach to preserve Live Oak Grove as a natural area.